Sunday, November 29, 2009

People cannot simply judge others by pictures.

So.. my older brother in Semarang, Central Java, suddenly called me. He, who has just become a member of Facebook-ers in a month, kinda surprised to see some pictures of me in the occasion of Table Manner in Savoy Hotel last night, taking pictures with different guys and striking such poses which he thinks those make me look "cheap".

There are some points I make myself clear,
First, they are not just some kind of "random-different-guys", because they are all my friends. Yes my friends. The fact that I have got more male friends than the female ones since I was in high-school, makes me look tomboy or get used to be surrounded by guys, but still that does not mean I seem like "cheap", wow such a word my brother tried to tell me. Haha. I admit he might be still one of those conservatives people (but he has got Facebook now. Oh well.)

Second, there was no such pictures I hugged or did some kind of impolite poses...They are all normal pictures with normal people. Even my friends tell me the pictures are just FINE. Though there is one or two when I was the only girl around the guys, but hey, haven't I told you that they were all my friends?!

Third, I start to think that I do not give a damn what people may think of me just because they see my pictures, any pictures of mine. People cannot simply judge someone by the pictures, they have to know and talk first intensely.

Then here comes a question through my mind: why is it just so unfair, boy can take picture with many different girls and their possibility to get the label of "cheap" or "gampangan" is much less than a girl taking picture with some different guys. Boooooo! If there's such word "Lady's man" then what should we call it for a girl... "Man's lady"?

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