Tuesday, December 08, 2009

LIFE: anything but ordinary,please!

Have you ever feel like you want such a real quick escapade from your daily routine and do something outside the box? You may think it's pretty impossible because you have stuck with these bloody assignment paper, campus occasion, or any other daily activities. I was that kind of person, until I happened to see my friend's Facebook page,Frederick, where he's been traveling alone from Canada (where he comes from) to Oceania. He takes a year off from university to travel. How easy is that,eh? Perhaps it is everyone's dream, and mine too! But, once more, it is the money that matters! Haha!

So I am kind of both excited and envious to see his adventurous pictures in Fiji (the first destination in Oceania before he heads to New Zealand and Indonesia-hopefuly) and he did not even know where to go first at the airport but only relying on the Fiji map. After getting lost once, and walking along the way he happened to meet such local people in the unknown village in Fiji which turned out to be so welcome and gave him anything he needed for survival that time. I started to learn that it can be really great if you just face the unknown.

Sometimes people are playing it too safe. They do not take risks. They feel their best on their comfort zones. This what makes them less experienced in dealing with what more life can offer. It is such a reflection for me, how sometimes I overlook what the life is and I just get drenched by the ordinary daily routine, gossiping with friends, doing something fun, or even thinking about lousy love life I have been living recently. (HAHA!)

So after seeing some of his pictures and reading each of the captions, I felt like I have traveled to Fiji without moving. I got carried away with the 'story' and when I managed myself back to this reality I started to even think "I want to be anything but ordinary!" I guess everyone should do too.


  1. I want to go to Fiji!!!
    yes, dev.. kita backpacking yuuk! jgn ke luar negeri dulu di indonesia aj byk bgt daerah2 pedaalaman yg jarang org2 kunjungiiin

  2. Yeah! We have got lotta "hidden-unexposed-beautiful" places here.
    My point is, though we're still stuck in Bandung dealing with our academic life, we should have done more even here to make our life extraordinary!