Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daily favorite quote 1

Dinda: Is Brad Pitt the ex-husband of Jennifer Anniston?

Me: WHAT? Yes he is! You don't know they were two married? It's been known sooo long time ago.

Dinda: No.. I don't *innocently*

Me: Geez... By the way Bruno Mars is coming to Indonesia, he's having concert here!

Dinda: Yes I know he's coming. It's been known sooo long ago though!


  1. hahaha...that's the funny quote...
    the sentence that i like is "it's been known soo log ago"...

    sometimes everyone can not know every event that occurs around.

    nice story. i loved it..

  2. Hi Eddy! Yes, it was like we sometimes are not aware of what is going on around us. But I think the fact that Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Anniston once got married, was supposedly well-known! :-P