Friday, January 21, 2011

Why would you not like Justin Bieber?

I was once wondering why some people I know, they dislike Justin Bieber. Or perhaps "dislike" is an euphemism, they "hate" JB. I think he is just too innocent to be mocked at, I've heard some call him "gay" or "too young to be an idol because he's not reaching puberty yet", I find it funny and strange though. I would rather respect those who might not like him simply because it's-not-my-taste-of-music reasons, than just hear some because-he-is-lame kinds of reasons.

It's not that I am his big fan but I mean, based on professional opinions, I think there is not enough reason to HATE him, why?

He can definitely sing. He can play guitar. He can dance. His music is groovy too. Here is my favorite music video of his : LOVE ME

All these reasons were apart from the facts: that the way he became so famous was one of a kind - he was found by his current manager in Youtube, he never conducts any crimes or bad reputation, he is cute and humble in living his life, when he once said "I am just an ordinary boy who lives his dream."

Or perhaps people in my age, they're just being too shy to acknowledge they fancy this sixteen-year-old boy? :D

This is such silly question, but seriously... it has successfully made me wonder.


  1. you know, i have a little girl neighbor whose age only 4years old and she is a BIG fan of JB. i guess that's a sign that we too are young? =)

  2. Hahaha... But look, I think just like love, music DOES transcend age, right?