Monday, May 18, 2009

79? I am not satisfied. I want an A!

Just hours ago,Diandra and Andit told me that the scores for Global Modernity and Nation-Sates subject has came out, that our beloved Dutch teacher,Roy Voragen, has sent us email containing each of our scores. I was so hurried to see the email, and TA DA...2007330013 (which is my student number) enlisted to get 79 for final score! 

I do not know whether I should be happy for I have increasing my score compared to the score before mid-semester, or I should be upset because it is SEVENTY NINE,which is hello... so-damn-almost A! Why on earth didn't he just give me an A?! 
I guess I have improved my performance on this subject:
  1. I never skipped any classes
  2. I always did my homework, but I once submitted it late because I just forgot to hand it to the lecturer, but in this case I meant I ALWAYS TRIED TO MAKE IT ON TIME
  3. I participated actively during the class
  4. I did well on my presentation, that was when I made this "revolutionary way" in presenting my essay by using this media of large paper where all the key words of my essay written, and it turned out after that, the others got inspired and use the overhead projection (which is better and more efficient that what I did! Haha!) 
  5. I tried to come on time for this class. Ok then I need to admit, I once in a while made it to class on straight at 16.30, which Roy thought we should have been at class before 16.30.
Feeling I deserve more than 79 (OH GOSH, why is it just so hard to get additional 1 point for making it 80?), I sent my lecturer an email, saying: 

Hi Roy! 
First I'd like to say thank you for you have done such quick process in managing our UAS and scores. Frankly said, I am not satisfied with the score I got, even though I think I made such progress compared to what I did before UTS. OR can you suggest me what should I improve for the sake of my self-actualization? So I can learn from it and do better for next classes. Thanks.

and some minutes after, here an email from him, replying mine: 

Hi Devi,
I agree that you made good progress, but it started just a little late to justify an 'A' (to compare: last year 79 was the highest end score). It is good to be unsatisfied with the grade I gave you, but I can only suggest you to keep up the hard work, i.e. read more, so you learn from other authors' writing styles and ways of making an elaborate argument (you have to learn to elaborate, do not make a shortcut to a conclusion, but spell out all assumptions and pros and contras without using informal language, e.g. 'stuff').

"HAHAHA ok then! I got it. " I said, after done reading it. 
Well at least I've tried to tell him what bothered me in mind and I am happy that he got it all explained.

Deviana, the best damn thing

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