Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Jai Ho" song & Excursion Study 2010

OK this is such stupid argument, but by listening to "Jai Ho" song (the OST of Slumdog Millionaire, performed by The Pussycat Dolls) recently kind of making me more often think of India, as an idea to be destination for the next Excursion Study in 2010. 

Well as the head of External Division for Association of I.R. Students of Parahyangan Catholic University for 2009-2010, I need to think and decide with my members (which I haven't fixed them yet) any destination for Excursion Study as one of the main program of External Division. 

But WHY INDIA??? By the time I am writing it, the External Division 2008-2009 are on the way to Turkey for Excursion Study this year-except me, who do not go this year due to the money reason. I would love to pick any country that seems unique and any destination that people would less likely to visit for a holiday-unlike European countries where people seem to easily visit there for even no specific reason. India is still in Asia too,this would make the flight fare a bit more affordable. India also has several Catholic Universities,that we can compare with the ones in Indonesia. As the second largest populated country after China, India sure has got its own typical culture in social aspect, I feel curious about its culture and its distinctive type of people (we can easily distinguish the Indian people from other right?!) The ethnic and classic building also available there,in India: the modern futuristic buildings and the classic ones seem to gather together there,especially in Delhi and of course, in Agra there lays one of the seven wonders in the world : Taj Mahal. 

The good news is that my Dad has approved my plan for India in 2010! I talked to him at dinner and I asked his opinion between India and Egypt, but he supported me more on India. (Oh God,thanks for giving me such understanding parents! I hope You do support me on this plan too.) Well at least, he has approved me to go abroad (again!!! Yess!-considering the fact that this year of 2009, I do not notice myself just yet to go abroad) next year with our own money for Excursion Study. Let's see then if India is still be the main candidate for destination of Excursion Study in 2010, oh I need like FIXED MEMBERS already for External Division as soon as possible,so I could have people to discuss with. 

related picture sources: http://www.incredible-india.org/#cities

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