Monday, May 25, 2009

I need particularly patience, trust and money..and love?

It is 2.22pm, in the gloomy Monday,of May 2009.

I am sitting in front of my MacBook,just being alone in my lovely blue room,with the high-volume Britney Spears' songs. Tired after attending a diplomacy practice held by UNPAD in Gedung Merdeka with Nayana, I feel like want to rest my head on my pillow, but somehow I feel deprived. 

I wonder what it is that I miss,it's not the usual me,I can enjoy my me-time and this time I feel like totally alone... Most of people I know,they have gone to their original cities and I am left here,still in Bandung. First,because I need to manage some stuff with External division, and some so-called-sudden occasion (like today! HAHA). Second, I think I need to figure out what I am going to do in June... whether it is I am going to my hometown to improve my driving skill,taking up a German course, or taking up a TOEFL class. 

Actually, what do I really need now??
PATIENCE! Oh yeah! I can't wait to have the permanent members of my External team, I still need to figure out 2 more people again. But it will be next week I will have this certainty, I hope this 2008 student would be one of my team members though. 
TRUST! I need to gain trust from some 2007 members just to make sure that my decision to choose them is right. 
MONEY! Hell yeah! I have been so wasted this month..HAHAHAHA! 
I bought many stuff this month: 
  • two pairs of SALE crocs
  • a gorgeous white bag @ BTC
  • a cute yellow blouse @ BTC
  • a GOGIRL magazine (because there was an article about my smart friend,Raisa,and there was enclosed a pic of me and her!)
  • second-hand clothes @ Gede Bage: a white blazer and a shirt.
LOVE?I do not know,I am surrounded by loving friends...I think that's so cool though sometimes I gotta admit that I want someone I can call my own and the worse part is I miss to feel those kinds of butterflies in my stomach whenever I see someone, something I rarely find myself to happen. The two previous posts about the two different boys that I kinda liked, but now I wonder whether it was just a fling or just my imagination... 

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