Friday, December 11, 2009


Have you ever been in a fear that you might not be able to fall in love again?
I know that sounds crazy eh?
But chances are, after the break-up with your last ex, you do move on, you met different people, some might tell you about their feeling for you... but what if you do not have the same feeling back?

then I go solo for a while until now...

Looking back to my ex, the total of girlfriends he had since the break-up is around FIVE OR SO.. And me? Logically and sensibly, I didn't involve in any romantic relationship like a girlfriend-boyfriend do since... December 2007, two f*cking years ago. But I have to be thankful for I had these two years such a BLAST! Right after my break-up I could be so free to do anything 'til now. I almost have anything I want so far. =)

Then when it comes for love life, if you were me, you might think "What's so wrong with me? Why couldn't I like those who'd love to be with me? or Why can't I just like those who like me?" Simple huh!
I cannot please everyone by doing something I do not like.
I learn that it is so OK to say NO.

Then you might realize that if you were me, you would see that you currently have such LOUSY love life. Hahaha! Pathetic eh? At least we can still admit it and laugh it off. Or at least... you still have some single friends to share with.


  1. getting late, getting honest? Hahahaa..

    well, we share the same problem in here *in a different situation*
    but i think you already get the best damn thing that (at least) i have ever wish:
    1. HNMUN- man, you gotta remember how fabulous it was! Tanpa si EX yang (maaf kalo anda ybs liat) drama K****
    2. You were the delegate of UNPAR for ASEACCU manila.
    3. Ibu protokol Prakdip yang sibuk.
    4. lo nonton futsal sebebasnya dan ngorok dibusas bareng sahabat2 yang jauh lebih care dari yang seorang pacar bisa kasih *i think*
    5. lo makan seenak mungkin tanpa ada yang bilang lo gendutan *yaa,, cuma gue lah kan*
    6. Beli kaos bodat dan jadi Queen bodat.

    intinya, you already live with bunches of joys more than that man ever had.
    i can say that he is stuck and *like always be* in the middle of love circle. He only got one thing to make him happy. But what if he broke up?
    And you are here with a bunch of various joys and friends. You do lots of stuffs and get happy with it. When he got a circle, you got a pentagon.

    I'm not suggesting you to be single, but at least get happy with it as long as you are, as you can.

  2. berarti harus dapet cowo yg bisa bikin lo tetep ngelakuin 6 hal di atas, dan lebih.


  3. @Dinda thanks alot for the encouragement. Haha great to have a friend who can act silly together and talk seriously at the same time.

    @Ndo.. simple padat dan berisi yha! Tp emang itu pointnya: the existence of boyfriend/girlfriend shouldn't prevent you from chasing what you want. That's what I do learn so far. =)

  4. Dev i just read this and i felt the SAME problem here haahha in this joyful and full of love Christmas day perhaps i asked exactly the same question. Hahaha people said its a matter of time, but don't you fed enough for waiting the time changes everything. Yes it does a matter of time, but it does a matter of yourself too i guess. Maybe what we need is better attitude hahaha as Dinda said no more NGUPILS COLLECTIONS for you or anything. I do have the same probs like terrible mood swings. Hehe sometimes we said that boyfie doesn't matter, i mean we do love freedoms and what we have right now. But doesn't it seems so lifeless sometimes? Don't you want to have someone for "menye2" hihihihi ahhh i wish we could have someone for us next yeaar girls :D