Saturday, September 12, 2009

how much does FASTING matter?

I was in a public transportation (angkot) when I heard the driver shouting to another angkot driver, expressing his anger. It was quiet irritating however, for me as the passenger who had enough such hectic day and I must hear this kind of ‘public anger’. That time, I thought to myself, “Isn’t it Ramadhan month,and particularly he’s on the fasting season, right? Isn’t he supposed to handle his anger better?”

Well I am not a Muslim, but I’ve been growing in a surrounding that most of the neighbors are Muslim. All I know about this fasting season is that beside the physical resistance to food during the day, each must take control and hold back his or her most-likely-to-do bad habit. For example, high-tempered people try to deal with their anger-management.

The other day, I was having a dinner with a Muslim friend of mine when I saw him smoking. Then I asked him “Why are you still smoking? Isn’t it still in the fasting season?” He relaxingly answered “But it’s at night right? I am not currently doing the fasting”. That was the point when we started to have a little debate about what to do and what to not do during fasting. I personally think that fasting season should be the best moment to train our patience and positive-attitudes and also to resist from our bad habit, not just from morning to dusk but in every second the whole day.

One day my friend telling me that her laptop was robbed in her house. I was so shocked that time and I asked her “But it’s Ramadhan month right? Aren’t people supposed to be good in order to prepare Lebaran?” And she just gave me simple answer… “Devils never sleep.”

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  1. Hmm Dev.. klo soal pengaplikasian mah itu trgntung dr orang2 masing.... seberapa mereka niat ngejalaninnya.
    Aturan2 puasa dan hikmah yg di dapat itu positif, tapi kalo manusianya ngga sungguh2 ngejalaninnya, ya ga akan ada hasilnya. Begitulah..
    Tentang temen lo yg smoking. Dia ngga bisa pake alesan itu, tp dia punya hak untuk smokingn karena jatuhnya "makruh". Makruh itu ga dilarang tp sebaiknya jgn krn merusak kesehatan lo. dgn smoking, itu ga akan ada hasil positifnya. Trus Jdinya kesannya dia ngjalanin puasa cuma untuk sekedar "kewajiban agama" doang. Dia ga nyerap esensinya.
    Jd puasa itu bukan berarti selepas buka lo bisa dugem, lo bisa marah2, lo bisa bohong, lo bisa selingkuh, lo bisa zina, lo bisa ngehina etc.... tp manusia, dia diberi berbagai nafsu dan satu akal. Kdg suka kelabakan. Ini terjadi klo manusia (ya yg khususnya mnjalani puasa Ramadhan) ga bnr2 nyerap untuk ap sih kita berpuasa sbnrny........ sumthin like that =)