Thursday, September 17, 2009

what's wrong with DORA-look hair?!

I've got my hair-cut last Sunday. I hadn't planned it before. SO I was just having creambath-treatment when my parents also got foot-massage in that salon and I thought it would be a good idea to have a hair cut.

SO far so good, til the barber cut my long bangs and he kept cutting it over and over again! Hah, and it used to be one-side bangs til he cut it too short so now ...
the bangs I have is the one like Dora The Explorer does.

Actually I felt it was still all OK til I got to campus the next day and the bangs did attract attentions *sigh* Some liked it and some don't, frankly said, most of my friends do not like it.. BUT WHO CARES? Haha!

But there is one thing I hate with this bangs, when it doesn't cover my forehead, it would just look like a piano (the black & white tuts) on my forehead!

Does anyone know if there's any hair extension for bangs only? :-P

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